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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Christmas dinner (2010)

Christmas Dinner 2010:

For this special occasion, I've tried for the first time to make a roll cake... As I had some akuzi beans (in can) left in my fridge, I decided to make a matcha/red beans Christmas special yule log =)

I followed the recipe found on this blog and I added the red beans on top of the whipped cream for the filling.
For the coating, I just used the same whipped cream, sprinkled with some matcha powder+confectioners sugar mix on the top and decorated with anything I could find (chocolate, a special "Joyeux Noel" chocolate that I got from another cake from Sadaharu Aoki :p & fruit paste) 

I also made a Pear charlotte for Christmas. As a second try, I'm very satisfied compared to my first attempt :p

For the recipe, I used this one. I mean, I used the same ingredients but different proportions: 2 cans of pears, 450g of soft white cheese, 4 white eggs, 50g sugar, 10g agar-agar, and more chocolate for the Christmas tree.

But one thing I will remember: Never ever buy again the cheapest ladyfinger biscuits for Charlotte cakes... They got way too soft because of the syrup TT 

Christmas Buffet
From left to right: Potatoes filled with bacon, cheese & onion, Choux buns filled with foie gras, Chicken wings, Mini croissants filled with sausage, ham & cheese, Foie gras toasts, Salmon blinis

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